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Company History




A promising innovative company (Certified from Chungnam province)





‘BetaPolo’ as an immune-stimulating ingredient (Export to Egypt)

A promising export firm (Designated from Small and Medium Business Association)

Kefir Powder as a health ingredient (Export to Japan)





Beta-1,3-glucan as an immune-stimulating ingredient (Supply to a chicken franchise

Kefir Powder as a fermented milk starter (Export to Europe)





Anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-asthmatic effects of kefir (Patent registration)

Beta-1,3-glucan (Supply to a dairy manufacturer)





Beta-1,3-glucan (Designated as a New Health Technology by the KHIDI)

Beta-1,3-glucan (Eexport to Europe)





A innovative business company (Certified from SMBA)





Completion of the factory in Chungnam Province





ISO 9001 Quality Administration System Certification (Acquirement from AJA


Excellent Korean Technology (Certified from the Ministry of Science and Technology)





Start-up DMJ Biotech Corporation

A Bio-venture company (Certified from SMBA)

Founded DMJ Biotech Research Institute





Affiliacted Research Institute and Plant Facilities


Kefir, Kefir Grain, Kefir Starter, Kefiran, Lactic Acid Bacteria | DMJ Biotech

DMJ Biotech is developing kefir with a variety of kefir grain, kefir starter and kefiran. Kefir, a fermented milk product, is our main product to taking modern humans well-being into account We are specializing in fermented milk, lactic acid bacteria, fermented milk product, kefir powder, kefir grains and caucasian kefir. DMJ Biotech has gained valuable experience in manufacturing high quality products.